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Find the Best Diving Gear

All divers, newbies and pros alike, depend on one important thing when they go deep down under – their diving gear. Unlike any other sports, diving depends highly on equipment so if one of them fails, something dangerous could happen. This goes without saying that to be able to stay safe underwater, you must carefully select the equipment you carry with you.

When it comes to dive gear selection, there is no such thing as good or bad. The right equipment to invest on are the ones that meet your individual requirements and preferred diving condition. Depending on the specific equipment you’re looking for, we will educate you on the dos and don’ts of dive gear purchasing and the leading choices in the current market.

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

buoyancy-control-devicesAlso called buoyancy compensators, a BCD makes divers float in water and allow them to take full control of how deep they want to go. There are multiple styles in the current market, but the most common choice among divers is the jacket style, also popularly known as the vest that connects the tank to the diver.

Having various styles may leave with awe and confusion. The section below should help you choose and understand a good BCD further.

Find the Best BCDs here



Dive Fins

dive-fins-A diver’s fins are very much similar to that of fishes in such a way that they come in various styles including split fins, blade fins, closed heel fins, and open heel fins. Other choices include turtle fins, free diving fins, fins with booties, and fins with spring straps.

While they look funny upon wearing, we cannot stress how important fins are when it comes to swimming with precision. They may be simple and small, but there are multiple types that can easily overwhelm a beginners such as you. Have a look at the link below to know more about fin types, how they work, and if they suit your intended purpose.

Find the Best Dive Fins here



Dive Mask

mask-and-snorkelScuba masks help us to savor the beauty underwater. Some consider it personal, while others look at masks as one of diving essentials. Due to many sellers in the market, most divers find it difficult to find one with the perfect fit. But once you are able to find the elusive perfect-fitting mask, you sure will never want to wear another one again.

You’ll know it’s a good mask if it has tempered glass lenses, skirts, and silicon straps. Refrain from using plastic lenses, as they might warp easily or hurt your skin. What’s they are not as durable as those with tempered glasses. We also recommend the use of premium silicon skirts because they are super flexible and fits well on the face. Plastics, on the other hand, may be too tight or hard on the skin.

For more information about mask styles, features, and their differences over the other, click on the link below.

Find the Best Dive Masks here



Dive Regulators

dive-regulatorsYet another essential gear that every diver should have is the regulator. Without it, you won’t be able to breathe and navigate underwater. These life-saving devices come in many different styles, but not all of them are created the same. For example, one type suits one diving environment, but is inappropriate for the other. That being said, it’s crucial that a diver knows exactly the itsy-bitsy details of regulators such as the parts, functions, types, ideal use, and vital attachments to be able to utilize one successfully. Learn how to select and differentiate various types of a regulator through the help of our detailed guide below.

Find the Best Dive Regulators here



Diving Suits

dive-wetsuitThermal protection, safety, style, and efficiency – these are some of the significant reasons why divers need to wear a diving suit. Drysuit or wetsuit, it’s vital to own one to protect yourself from unexpected hazards, weather changes, and discomforts of water flow as you navigate down below.

A quick research on the internet will introduce you to loads and loads of choices. Wetsuit or not, choosing can be trickier than you think. But since you haven’t bought a suit yet, it’s best that you check out several pieces and try them out before making a purchase. More info on selecting diving suits on this link.

Find the Best Diving Suits here



dive-lightsDive Lights

There are plenty of underwater light choices to date. Handheld, canisters, stick, and torch – the battle on the best dive light in the market is on. Depending on your purpose, you can choose a particular style that works best. To help you on which type of light to settle for, we have a created a full guide for beginner divers.

Find the Best Dive Lights here



Our Recent Favorites

BCDs, diving masks, diving suits, regulators, fins, dive accessories – we got them all covered. Feel free to scroll around the website to view of top lists of dive gear. Through our thorough reviews, you’ll surely understand your equipment down to the last detail.

The Best Dive Gear of 2017

Most often, divers look for either cheap or replacement gears, given that they have very limited budget. However, other divers are more fortunate so they look for the best equipment that can give a diving experience that will blow their minds. If you are one of them, you might be currently overwhelmed with the massive choices in online stores. Fret not, because we’ve compiled a list of the top high-end dive gear that made it to the rundown this year.

The equipment listed below are considered the best from their respective categories. This is true not only in terms of toughness and performance, but also in aesthetics.

Scubapro Litehawk BC

Best BCD – Scubapro Lifehawk BC

Streamlined and a true complete package – this is how we dub the Scubapro Lifehawk BC. Probably the main selling point of this BC is that it’s extremely lightweight, allowing you maximize the benefits of back floatation. It’s also perfect for traveling and designed with 5th generation octo-inflator. This BC is also a good rival of high-end BCs, mainly because of its Air 2 Alternate Inflator; making it an excellent backup regulator in stressful situations.




Best Dive Mask – PROMATE Scuba Dive Mask Panoramic Gear Set

Uniquely created with 100% dry design; thanks to its patented valve, which securely keeps the water out. When submerged into the water, the hinged seal reacts to the water, preventing the water from entering the snorkel. Once you resurface, the seal opens to allow the circulation of air. The PROMATE Scuba Dive Set comes with black stylish fins and edgeless purge mask – complete in a single package.




Mares MV 12S Regulator

Best Scuba Regulator – Mares MV 12S Regulator

Also known as the Viper MR12, Mares’ regulator prides itself for being one of the few regulators in the market that have side exhaust. Having this feature means that direction is not a big deal – you can attach the main hose to either left or right side. This feature also comes in handy when you have to share air with your co-diver, you can utilize the 2nd stage without altering your positions. It’s also compact, lightweight, and easy to dive with; allowing you to enjoy safety like never before.




Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch

Best Dive Computer – Suunto Core Computer Watch

A dive watch that comes in a wide array of designs, Suunto Computer Watch is a favorite among divers shopping in Amazon due to its accuracy, reliability, and feature-rich design. Suunto Core does not only tell time, it also monitors depth, altimeter, pressure, and directions. It also records time, produces alarms, logs graphs, and makes a great stopwatch. Simply put, it is all you’ll ever need for an effortlessly safe diving. This has been proven by thousands of divers, including Online shoppers.




Aqua Lung SlingShot

Best Scuba Fins – Aqua Lung SlingShot Heel-strap Diving Fin

Coming in silver/black and silver/blue variations, Aqua Lung Fins are made out of silicone power bands, which brings power to every stroke. What’s more, they reduce fatigue since you don’t have to swing your feet hard like when you use other fins. Other innovations include Flex Joint and Gear Shift, a powerful combination that lets you enjoy a superb diving experience.




GeekPro 4.0 Sport Action

Best Underwater Camera – GeekPro 4.0

The GeekPro 4.0 Camera got its ‘bestseller’ badge in Amazon for lots of good reasons. One is that it can capture in full 1080p HD resolution. Another is its Wi-Fi and 2.4G capabilities. Shooting performance is impeccable, with numerous shooting modes that divers can fiddle with. It also comes with mounting accessories and remote, although the latter cannot be utilized underwater. Not only for diving, this camera is also ideal for motorcycling, running, skiing, cycling, and the list goes on.


Best Dive Light – Princeton Tec Miniwave LED Dive Lamp

Dubbed as the compact version of the Shockwave LED lamp, it boasts powerful illumination in 390 lumens. Unlike other diving lamps, it comes in half the weight so you can take it virtually anywhere you wish to go. Princeton Tec Miniwave Lamp is powered by 4C cell batteries.




Cressi Lima

Best Dive Knife – Cressi Lima Tactical Dive Knife

Available in black titanium or stainless steel, Cressi Lima is light yet dependable whether you are scuba diving, snorkeling, or doing other water sports. The handle is geared with a lock slider, preventing accidental loss and easy single-handed operation. Blade is crafted with both a standard edge, a serrated edge and a rope cutter.




If you have the budget, why not take a splurge? Especially now that you have this list in handy, finding the best dive gear would be as easy as pie. Go for the best gear and your diving experience will follow.