Diving is by far one of the most thrilling water sports. With the means of a cylinder tank filled with compressed air, a diver can stay underwater for prolonged time. Depending on the diver’s experience and depth of the body of water, diving duration can range from 20 minutes up to an hour. Much like diving skills, the right set of gear is a must have in this type of sport. With proper equipment and right information, diving can give you an educational, rewarding, and stress-freeing experience that’s cherishable for life.

About Me

The name’s Alex and I am a professional diver/marine biologist. I built this site due to extreme passion to diving and commitment to helping aspiring and professional divers alike in finding the best pieces of equipment. Through years of research and experiences in various diving conditions, I’ve gathered a number of useful tips and techniques that I’m sure my readers would find valuable. So instead of browsing the internet laboriously, I strongly recommend that you take your time to read my articles to educate yourself, gain new knowledge, and figure out what’s best for your chosen endeavor.

Why I Created This Website

As I’ve mentioned above, I developed this website to help my fellow divers to comprehend the things they need to bear in mind before purchasing a particular gear. Also, I want to give out advice on how to maximize the use of an equipment and why a certain model is best for you. Most importantly, I believe that sharing personal knowledge is priceless and significant to those who want to try out diving. More often than not, diving equipment is a costly investment so I can definitely relate to those who want to be 100% sure before making a final decision. I fully support aspiring divers because I, myself, have reaped the wonderful benefits since I started in this sport. Some of the benefits I’m getting so far are improved fitness, strength, flexibility, breathing, and response to stress. I also liked the fact that I can go to different places while searching for the perfect diving spot. May I also share that others noticed better blood circulation and reduced blood pressure levels after making diving their favorite pastime.

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The availability of multiple dive gear equipment in the market can make purchasing a challenging task. If you’re purchasing one of our recent favorites or simply want to chat with us about the questions you have in mind, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.