The Best Diving Regulators

Best Diving RegulatorsThese days, the 10-pound first and second stage regulators are becoming obsolete. Thanks to the innovation of more compact and lighter regulators – you can now breathe easily and conveniently, regardless if you’re 60 feet deep from the surface.

How Regulators Work

As you may already know, a regulator is your ally to breathing properly underwater. To do this, it converts the cylinder’s high-pressure air to ambient air. In addition, it supplies air to the BCD’s power inflator. The great thing about modern regulators is that they have become super easy to use, are very reliable, and deliver impeccable performance on virtually any diving spot.

Common regulators of today come in either diaphragm or piston first stages. Models come in various price ranges. Usual models found in the market include the following:

  • Basic regulator with unbalanced first stage and plain second stage
  • Mid-range regulator with sealed and balanced first stage and balanced second stage
  • High-end models with completely balanced first and second stages

How you choose a regulator will generally depend on your diving style and obviously, the amount of cash you have on hand.

Top Regulators

Here, we list some of our favorite regulators, which are top-notch in terms of quality, performance, and also price.

Scuba Choice Palantic Regulator

The Palantic features a non-adjustable second stage regulator, attached with soft silicone mouthpiece for more convenient breathing. It’s designed with huge purge button and comes with a 36-inch yellow 350PSI hose. Regulator is ideal for both snorkeling and diving. Based on real customer reviews, it works consistently and is very dependable even after several months of use.


Cressi Sub Elipse Scuba Regulator

Boasting a breakthrough design uses an elliptical form, the Sub Elipse Scuba Regulator enables you to use a bigger diaphragm so your breathing effort would be less in return. It may be light at plain on the outside, but it’s actually very durable and high-impact due to thermoplastic materials and titanium components that are used in producing this well sought-after second stage regulator. This construction is exclusively designed to meet the needs of a technical diver. It’s also ideal for demanding dive spots, especially cold water environments. Sub Elipse delivers consistent airflow regardless of the depth. And since it’s designed with unique high-flow technology, all tank pressures are covered.


Palantic Dive Regulator and Octopus Combo

Top quality and superb performance are the main selling points of the Palantic Dive Regulator and Octopus combo. Included in the package is a 36-inch yellow hose (octopus) and a black hose (second stage). The high-performing first stage gives off progressive intermediate pressure. While gas intensity and depth are increasing, the first stage do the work so gas delivery is provided consistently, even in the most extreme situations. The first stage is environmentally sealed, while second stage is non-adjustable. It’s also designed with a large purge button, chromium-plated body, and springs that are made from stainless steel. Experienced user has it that while it’s basic-looking on the outside, it delivers like stated, it’s easy to assemble, and can be used regularly without problems.


Cressi XS Compact AC2 Regulator

Whether you are looking for a regulator for a new rig or planning to use one for a bottle regulator system, the XS Compact makes an awesome choice. This regulator’s first stage has 4 LP ports and 1 HP ports. Durability is guaranteed since it’s crafted from marine-grade brass with chrome finish. First stage is also built with conical filter, which allows for greater coverage and higher air flow. The second stage, on the other hand, is made from advanced polymers that are very durable and non-corrosive. It also includes a flow deviator in case Venturi effect occurs. In addition, it comes with a soft silicone mouthpiece and a large purge cover.


Oceanic Alpha Scuba Regulator

The low-maintenance Oceanic Alpha Regulator is built to meet the US Navy Class A standards. It is ideal for up to 198 feet of depth and is economically priced in the market. The regulator comes with an orthodontic mouthpiece, designed to prevent jaw fatigue. It is ideal for use on nitrox breathing gases containing oxygen not exceeding to 40%. As of this writing, the Alpha regulator is being widely used in resorts as well as dive gear rentals.


Options on scuba regulators are plentiful, making selection quite hard to do. That being said, we strongly recommend that you start out with the regulators on this list and we guarantee that there won’t be any regret. These are user-tested, quality-evaluated, and expert-rated for excellence in durability, performance, and added features. If it’s the first time you’re buying one, don’t forget to keep your diving requirements, style of diving, and preferred diving location in mind when choosing so your final choice will be great fit.