The Best Semi-Dry Suits of 2017

Best Semi-Dry SuitsUnlike dry suits, semi dry suits are modified to provide watertight seals on the neck, ankles, and wrists. But despite having tight seals, they still allow a bit of water flow. In this process, the suit retains a bit of water, which in turn heats up and keeps the body dry while submerged underwater.

Semi-dry suits usually come in two different parts – the main undersuit and the jacket. The former goes up to the wrists and down to the ankles, while the latter covers the central part of the body, keeping it warm throughout the diving session.

Like wetsuits, semi-dry suits come in various thicknesses. The thicker the suit, the warmer it is. The only downside to thicker suits is that they might hold you back in terms of control and diving skills.

Most Popular Semi-Dry Suits of 2017

Below are some of the most highly-acclaimed semi-dry suits of 2017:

Hollis Men’s NEOTEK Semi-Drysuit

The leading semi-dry suit on our list is Hollis Men’s NEOTEK Semi-Dry suit. Mainly suited for cold water diving, Neotek features a hooded construction, which is made out of 8/7/6mm neoprene exterior and LavaSkin interior, a technology that’s exclusive only to Hollis. At the front is a horizontal zipper, making the suit extremely easy to put on or off. The openings also have a tight barrier, which effectively protects against possible water flow. Legs and arms are also well-guarded, having an internal dam that safeguards against leaks. All seams are reinforced with double glue. The butt area is crafted with blind stitches, covered with distinctive liquid seam. It’s also designed with lots of pockets at both sides so you’ll have plenty of room for storing small tools such as dive knife or flashlight.


NP Surf Nexus Full Semi-Dry suit

Nexus combines the best of a full wetsuit and semi-dry suit in a single package. The suit is made from versatile mesh neoprene with inner hot-cell insulation to maintain body warmth during the coldest situations. Exclusively made for cold water diving, the Nexus can without a doubt help you be at your best regardless of the weather condition. The NP Surf Nexus is designed with blind stitched and glued seams, a V neck style neckline to prevent choking, and smooth skin seals at the waist section.


Sopras Sub “ICEMAN” Semi-Dry suit

One of the most promising semi-dry suits on our list if the ICEMAN by Sopras Sub. To prevent loss of body heat, it is designed with double lining plus Thermoplush lining on the inside, making it the best alternative for cold water diving. It highlights wide shoulders, TIZIP dry zipper, double seals at the wrists and ankles, neck seals to separate hood from the suit, and pre-formed elbow and knees construction for optimal comfort. The Neoprene material is durable, resists wear and tear, and shields against abrasion. The ICEMAN Semi-Dry suit fits heights ranging from 5’11”-6’1″ and weights from 176-187 pounds.


SEAC S-Dry Men’s Semi Dry suit

Having an elegant combination of black and red hues, SEAC Men’s Semi-Dry suit comes with the latest, extremely stretchy fabric called Extraflex neoprene. This material provides a snug fit to the body, while still giving the much-needed freedom of movement every diver deserves. The inner section of the suit is embellished with Hyperflex lining, so the wearer will feel extremely comfortable from within. Other unique features include Supratex (embossed material at the knee area), hood with state-of-the-art air draining system, pressure-resistant zipper, and seals that minimize water entry. Every dive gear of SEAC is proudly verified and tested by state standards.


Sopras Sub “ANTIBES” 5mm Semi-Dry Wetsuit

The ANTIBES Semi-Dry suit comes in 5mm thickness and full coverage for divers having 6 feet of height and above. At the neck lies the polyurethane seal, which connects to the reinforced zipper at the back of the suit. The same is true with the wrist and ankle portions, having seals and zippers that control water flow securely and efficiently. The material is super-stretchy and crafted with pre-formed elbows and knees. The suit is mostly ideal for divers with weights no more than 187-210 pounds and chests not wider than 42 inches. The ANTIBES comes in black and blue color, along with grey accents at the arm section.


Semi-dry suits offer a cheaper alternative for divers looking a suit that will fit a limited budget. If you are one of them, the good news is here. You don’t have to scour the internet to search for the perfect semi-dry suit. With the choices above, you’ll know exactly that you’ve picked the right selection, given that they have been proven to be efficient, durable, promote comfort, adhere perfectly to the diver’s body, and equipped with the right features for proper maintenance of body heat.