The Best Underwater Camera Masks

The Best Underwater Camera MasksScuba diving is a thrilling experience, no denying about that. But, having the right dive gear can bring the experience to a whole new level. If you’re unsure which underwater camera masks to buy, this comprehensive guide can help you.

Below, we created a rundown of the best underwater cameras; ranking them according to features, price points, and customer ratings.

Liquid Image Explorer Series Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Liquid Image Explorer Series Underwater Digital Camera Mask

For hands-free moment capturing, you absolutely need a Liquid Image Underwater Digital Camera Mask. Distributed by the first brand to ever release a mask integrated with a digital camera, you can shoot sharp 5MP images for depths of up to 15 feet or 5 meters. If you’re bound to a snorkeling or pool activity, this camera mask is just the right option.

The lenses are crafted from tempered glass. It’s also integrated with crosshairs so you can easily line up with every shot. To operate, simply power the camera on, push the upper button to choose shooting mode, and then firmly press the shutter button to capture still images or videos. It’s geared with a LED light inside, which flashes to tell you which mode you are in, whether still or video mode.

Every package comes with a USB cable, allowing you to conveniently downloaded images to your PC or laptop. An image editing app is also included, however it works only for PCs. Other features of this camera mask are 16MB memory, microSD slot, and mechanism that’s powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Liquid Image 305P XSC-Xtreme Sport Hydra Series Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Liquid Image 305P XSC-Xtreme Sport Hydra Series Underwater Digital Camera Mask

Available in two eye-catching colors (black/purple and black/green), the Hydra Underwater Digital Camera Mask is a gear for the eyes with a wide-angle camera at the focal area. Designed for effortless underwater photography, you can use it conveniently for snorkeling or diving of up to 130 feet. When in still image mode, it can shoot 12 MP images through its wide 135-degree lens. When in video mode, on the other hand, it records 720p videos, with up to 30 frames per second.

You can use a 4GB microSD card to store images with the Hydra Camera Mask. Using this, you can store up to 2 hours of videos and estimated 700 pictures or more. To run, it requires AAA lithium batteries.

Mini dv Waterproof Camera Scuba Digital Diving Camera Mask

Mini dv Waterproof Camera Scuba Digital Diving Camera Mask2

Looking for a professional digital diving camera mask? Look no further than the Mini dv Waterproof Scuba Diving Camera Mask. This bright colored mask can endure up to 30 meters of depth, and stay extremely water proof during the process.

The great thing about this camera mask is that you can assemble or disassemble everything. Used with or without goggles, you can painlessly record pictures or videos through its 120-degree wide angle lens. Videos come in 720p high definition resolution, while still images in 2560 x 1920 JPEG format. Good lighting or not, you can shoot clear images in a broader spectrum. Other inclusions of this diving camera mask are TF card slot, USB cable, and power charger.

Liquid Image XSC 324 Digital Camera Mask

Liquid Image XSC 324 Digital Camera Mask

Yet another entry from Liquid Image is the XSC324 Digital Camera Mask. Aside from its embedded 136- degree wide angle lens at the front, it features 1x Optical Zoom, lever-style buttons, 60 frames per second video recording speed, In-Focus Image Capture Strobe technology, and waterproof rating of up to 130 feet of depth. When set on video mode, it shoots 1080p HD videos. Meanwhile, on photo mode, it records 12MP images. To store awesome shots, the manufacturer included a 4GB microSDHC card, which is expandable for up to 32GB. The microSDHC card can store videos up to 2 hours long. For pictures, it can take up to 1,000 or more shots. To run, it requires use of 4 AAA Lithium batteries.

It is light (1.9 lbs), brightly colored, convenient, and can last for many, many dives. Use the USB cable included to transfer images and videos on your personal computer or laptop fast. It also includes a light attachment with every package, but filters and lights are sold separately. You can also purchase a Strobe Activator Remote Switch for better camera control. XSC 324 comes in fully assembled unit, along with an optical viewfinder style.

Being able to capture underwater moments hands-free while navigating deep down under is such a wonderful advantage. However, there are abundant options in the market, so you might find choosing quite overwhelming. The camera masks above are the best models to start, and we’re confident that they’ll help you get even better shots at the creatures or views underwater. All these come in HD recording mechanisms, giving you better satisfaction and convenience with every dive. With proper care and use, we bet that they can keep you company for many, many years.