Finding the Best Dive Fins

Best Dive FinsFins, though plain-looking and small, can be as complicated as dive masks when you’re looking for the best type for your needs. In the market, you’re faced with many options on types, features, colors, and designs; making choosing a bit difficult and confusing. The good news is, we’re here to help.

Fins of today are categorized based on different diving application. Some of the most popularly used fins to date are the following:

  • Full foot finsThese work best if you’re diving in warm water where you don’t need some sort of thermal protection.
  • Adjustable heel fins – These are ideal for diving spots with sharp or tricky grounds. Adjustable heel fins are also commonly used for cold water diving.
  • Plastic blade fins – These fins are considered bang for the buck by many divers because they are cheap, strategically designed, and easy to use even for entry level divers.
  • Channeled fins – In these fins, the blade is embellished with rubber channels so water is funneled successfully every time you kick your feet down.
  • Split FinsAnother highly efficient type of fins is the split style. They work by spinning water into a form of a jet so you can effectively propel yourself upward. They also produce subtle downward kick.

Top 5 Best Dive Fins

Because I’m fairly aware that loads of fins are populating the dive gear market, I’ve created a list of my most favorite fins, which I have tested or have been recommended to me by fellow divers for having great features and amazing performance.

Mares Full Foot Scuba Fins

Mares combines efficiency and power through their full foot scuba fins, which is made from Thermoplastic and Tecraclene rubbers. This heavy duty construction warrants divers that it will stay reliable for an extended time. Some of the things it effectively does are optimizing thrust, channels water properly, and provides superior comfort to the diver’s foot. Mares is designed with three channels and orthopedic foot pockets.



Oceanic Viper Scuba Diving Fins

Whether you are snorkeling or diving, these fins make a very practical choice. It belong to the open heel category, which is applicable for use of divers of any skill levels. To boost foot power and efficiency, it is designed with oversized blades, which add propulsion and thrust as you navigate through the water. The foot pocket is streamlined, allowing many boot styles to fit in. The fins are super lightweight, work efficiently, and designed with adjustable and quick release buckles for your utmost convenience.




Tusa takes the fin market to a whole new level through their X-PERT ZOOM Fins. These fins are crafted from three materials, has longer blade length, improved with propeller-fin system, stronger blade rails, and improved blade scoops. One of the unique features of these fins is that it’s pushed downward, and not straight ahead. This design makes the diver kick down and forward with ease, directing every kick’s force toward the diver’s forward movements. The X-PERT ZOOM is an open heel fin, empowered by strong side rails for improved stability and flexibility with every kick.




Tusa Liberator Open Heel Dive Fins

A specially designed fin with versatile bending force, the Liberator Dive Fin is equipped with dynamic stabilizers and surface rails, which aid water flow. This technology allows for more effective propulsion, without using much force. Materials used are high-end and durable so as to last long and give off the right stability and flexibility for the longest time. At the side you’ll find quick release buckles and adjustable strap for ease of use and user convenience.




Cressi Pluma Full Foot Diving Fins

A sophisticated fin with extraordinary molding technology – this is what separates Cressi Pluma tops its leading rivals. This high-tech model, being primarily designed scuba and free diving, uses patented molding technology utilizing three materials to produce a fin that’s best performing, super comfortable, and makes kicking pretty easy for the wearer. Not only for diving, Cressi Pluma is also ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Its elastomer foot is non-slip, hence it’s convenient to wear; considering that you don’t have to worry about slippage and fins becoming loose.



There are still tons of good fins in the market, but these are by far the most popular picks and most comfortable to use on virtually any diving spot. Keep in mind that when selecting dive fins, it pays to be quality and feature conscious for your choice can make or break your next diving adventure. When it comes to materials, rubber is our favorite. Also, consider purchasing one with quick adjust straps and buckles so you can slip them on with ease. Those with channels can also be a good choice if you want your kicks to be as efficient as possible.