Reviews of the Cheapest Dive Gear

Cheapest Dive GearDiving is not a cheap sport, which perfectly explains why researching before investing into any equipment or accessory is vital. When doing your homework, it pays to rely not only on customer reviews, but also on independent reviewer sites, trained diver reviews, and other informational media.

But don’t get us wrong, the gears below, being some of the cheapest in the market, don’t mean that they’re made with low quality craftsmanship. Rather, they are the most affordable yet meet the standards of safe diving. So, if you’ve been yearning to try out this hobby, but you don’t have a grand budget, this list contains some of the best products to begin with.

Cheapest Dive Mask

Cressi Scuba Diving SnorkelingCressi Scuba Diving Set

A well-suctioning mask that comes with a snorkel, Cressi’s Diving Masks come in a wide array of colors. This includes all black, clear, green camo, pink, white, camo brown, blue, lilac, yellow, and titanium. If you are an avid underwater photographer or hunter, Cressi Scuba Mask is an ideal main mask or even back-up mask. It folds easily and stores just right in the pocket of your BCD.

Considering the price range, Cressi’s BCD definitely is a bang for the buck. It boasts an impeccable skirt that’s 100% liquid silicone and attached right into the lenses of the mask. The lenses, by the way, is made of tempered glass.

Probably the best thing about this dive gear is that it comes with a snorkel. As per customer reviews, it really does work for dips under water surface. By “work”, it means that you won’t deal with common issues such as spitting out water, coughing, and draining water out of the snorkel since it efficiently keeps the water out.

Cheapest Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

Cressi Start BCD

Solid, strong, durable, these are the main words that perfectly describe the Start BCD from Cressi. Its construction is so sturdy that it’s almost bulletproof. Thanks to 500/1000 denier Cordura, a material that delivers excellent buoyancy properties. At the frontal facet, you’ll see two large pockets, which are designed with Velcro closures. At the back lies a rigid and padded panel, which efficiently supports the back. Sternum strap is adjustable, while ventral strap is separated from the bag.

Cheapest Scuba Regulator

Mares MV Diving Regulator

Compact and light, Mares MV makes a great regulator and octopus all at the same time.  The octopus, being super light and solid, offers diving with ease and comfort. Since it’s designed with symmetrical shape, you can use on either left or right side. Other distinguishing features of the Mares MV include revolutionary diaphragm layout and design, comfortable to wear, easy to handle, hassle-free storage, inexpensive, durable, and abrasion resistant. Mares MV is crafted from quality ultralight techno polymer.

Cheapest Dive Computer

Pyle Water Sport Wrist WatchPyle Underwater Snorkeling & Diving Wrist Watch

Suitable for waters up to 100-meter deep, the Pyle Diving Wrist Watch is one of the most promising yet affordable dive computers we have ever seen. Ocean or lake, it is a perfect companion for underwater escapades whether you are swimming, snorkeling, diving, or simply having fun underwater. Thanks to its state-of-the-art marine-grade construction, which makes it extremely waterproof, durable, long lasting, and reliable in wet environment. Pyle highlights 5 operation settings: dual time, current time, countdown timer, diving modes, and chronograph. What’s more, it looks incredibly stylish and comes in various fashionable colors.

Cheapest Scuba Fins

US Divers Proflex II Diving Fins

Proflex II is a uniquely design product from US Divers. Coming in different sizes including small (5-6.5), medium (6.5–8), medium-large (8-9.5), large (9.5 -11.5) and extra-large (11.5 -13), this dual-composite gear is highly ideal for divers looking for styling and power simultaneously. Other features of Proflex II are long blades, contemporary design, enclosed heel, comfortable fit, and soft foot pocket. Available color is metallic blue.

Underwater Camera

GeekPro 4.0 Sport ActionGeekPro 4.0 Sport Action Camera

For divers looking for crisp and lifelike images of diving fun, this underwater camera is the best bet. The camera captures full HD images (1080p), allowing you to view scenes as if it is happening in front of you or through your window. Apart from excellent shooting resolution, it also features loads of functions such as exposure, time stamp, loop record, time lapse, continuous lapse, and so on. Other features to love about GeekPro 4.0 is having Wi-Fi and 2.4G capabilities. It also comes with a remote, though it can’t be used underwater.

Cheapest Diving Accessories

Fury Tactical Treasure II Dive KnifeOther diving must-haves include cheap dive knives as such as Fury Dive Knife II and diving safety light as such the bestseller Esky CREE Lamp (500 lumens).

Being a cheapskate doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy diving for yourself. Now that you have this list on hand, you already know which dive gear to start. Knowing that the price didn’t compromise quality, you’re bound to enjoy scuba diving even more.