Underwater Cameras for Casual Divers

Underwater Cameras for Casual DiversLike other things we buy, choosing an underwater camera can be a tricky task, even for casual divers. The truth is, there is no shortcut when purchasing or a single best option for all. The best camera for you, however, is one that perfectly fits your needs and budget. With the popularity of underwater photography, camera makers are more encouraged to come up with cameras that fulfill vast variety of demands and desires. Hence, you can be sure that there is an underwater camera for you, regardless of what type of diver you are.

Compact Vs. DSLR

COMPACT-vs-DSLR-CAMERASMore often than not, beginners aim for compact cameras, or otherwise known as point and shoot cameras. This is most likely due to versatility, ease of use, as well as price range. Right now, there are tons of compact underwater camera options, ranging from the basics to feature-rich models.

There is no question though, that DSLR’s resolution and integrated features are way better than that of compact cameras. However, at the end of the day, it’s not about the equipment – it’s about the photographer. When it comes to photography, it’s wise to note that a good equipment alone does not guarantee better images.

The latter offers interchangeable lenses, better sensors, and no shutter lags. On the downside, you should expect that DSLRs are bulkier, pricier, and heavier compared to compact counterparts.

Our Favorites

Below, we ranked multiple underwater cameras that fit occasional use based on performance, features, and price.

ODRVM WIFI Underwater Camera

ODRVM WIFI Underwater Camera

This whopping 12MP camera will make your shooting experiences from plain to bigger, higher, faster, and harder. Submersible for up to 30 meters of depth, you get all the glory of underwater diving or other action packed activities that you like. The camera comes with multiple valuable accessories including remote control, mounting attachments, adapters, and more. The camera is geared with 2.0 inch display, and you can wirelessly control it using your smartphone or computer. Device is compatible with lots of operating systems including Mac OS, Windows XP, Vista, or higher versions.


Lightdow LD4000 Action Camera

Lightdow LD4000 Action Camera

Waterproof and durable, this camera is sure to suit your diving requirements. You can use it up to 30 meters depth, and it’s proven to endure extreme conditions and locations. The best thing about light cameras such as this is that you can wear them and mount them any way you like. Whether diving, running, or biking, this camera won’t let you down. LD400 captures sharp 12MP images and 1080p HD videos. It supports TF card, with maximum storage of 32GB. The camera is powered by a 900mAh lithium ion battery.


Canany WIFI Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Canany WIFI Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Waterproof casing combined with powerful photo capturing system and other powerhouse features – this is the main selling point of the Canany Wi-Fi camera. Not only for diving, it makes an awesome camera for surfing, skiing, hiking, and other sports that promote extreme outdoor fun. Probably the best feature it has in store is its Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to connect your camera to your phone so you could effortlessly control the former anyway you want. With every purchase, you’ll get one action camera, one multi-function clip, one waterproof case, one bicycle mount, one camera clip, one helmet mount, 3 belts, one wiper, two 3m stickers, one USB cable, one user manual, and two batteries.


MARVIE HDV-801 Underwater Digital Camera

MARVIE HDV-801 Underwater Digital CameraThis cute but powerful camera features a resolution that goes up to 24MP max. Available in 3 vibrant colors such as blue, red, and yellow, you can use it for up to 10 feet depth and effortlessly record photos and videos in action. It’s not only waterproof, it’s also dustproof and shockproof, perfect for all your adventures and travel escapades. At the top is a manual switch and an adjusting button for switching macros to get clear shots. It supports up to 32GB microSD storage and comes with 550mAh battery.


Bell+Howell Splash WP7 Digital Camera

Bell+Howell Splash WP7 Digital CameraCompact, handheld, and extremely easy to use, the WP7 makes a simple but an ideal camera for both casual and entry level divers. Available in three elegant colors namely blue, black and purple, you’ll love its 12 MP shooting capability, 5 MP CMOS sensor and 8x digital zoom. The microSD slot supports up to 16GB of storage and uses only 3 AAA batteries. For convenience and budget concerns, this camera is your best bet.

Getting the Most Out of Underwater Adventures

To get the best out of your underwater explorations, remember that your camera will not work on its own. Consider buying extra batteries, memory cards, cable ties, duct tape, or other DIY materials for patch ups when the need to capture moments strikes.

While buying seems quite overwhelming, it’s usually just one of the many equipment you need to get started. Nevertheless, it’s the starting point of fun!